General Information
Parelhas is framed by a charming ensemble of sierras, among them, Queimadas, Coruja, Serra do Marinbondo and Areia, which gives it a unique beauty. Ecotourism is a special attraction, because the region offers various options of trails, walking outings, trekking and jeep or horseback riding trips. The embroidery handicraft is also one of the city’s attractions. The Boqueirão Dam is a place you can’t miss : to go bathing in a typical dam or to simply admire the lovelines of the place is worth a visit.

How to arrive there
Distance from Natal: 256 km.

Leave Natal by BR-304 to Macaíba, pick up th cloverleaf on BR-226 to Currais Novos, from there get BR-427 that goes to Acari. The visitor leaving Acari, takes RN-089 to Parelhas.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest
– Boqueirão Dam,

– Serra das Queimadas

– Serra da Coruja

– Serra do Marimbondo

– Serra da Areia – Handicraft (embroidery)

– Walking Outings, Trekking,

– Trails for jeeps and horseback riding. .
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