São Bento do Norte

General Information

Located in the Northern Region of the State, São Bento do Norte is a big exporter of marine salt, and besides the imposing salt reserves, the city offers the beautiful beaches of Farol and Serafim,dunes, marshes, besides a forest reserve where you can also find a rich paleontological patrimony. The peaceful city of little more than 3 thousand inhabitants is an invitation to rest and contact with nature. The beaches Farol and Serafim are practically untouched.

How to get there

Distance Natal: 141 km. Leave Natal by BR-406, continue on RN-120. Around 2 hours from the capitol.

Special attractions and points of interest

  • Farol Beach,
  • Serafim Beach,
  • Dunes,
  • Reserva Forest Reserve,
  • Paleontological patrimony,
  • Marshes,
  • Salt activities (salt exporter pole).