Nísia Floresta

General Information

The city takes its name from one of the greatest writers ever born in the State, Dionísia Gonçalves Pinto, who used the pen name, Nísia Floresta. The beaches of Búzios, Pirangi do Sul and Camurupim are part of the municipality, that turns it into one of the principle summer destinations, ‘veraneio’, which is the traditional summer vacation of the ‘natalenses’ in the months of January and February. Among the many attractions that this piece of potiguar shore has to offer the tourist are the lakes, grottos , a privileged observation point to see the dolphins (in Tabatinga Beach), besides the historical monuments and the places to practice sports, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, hang -gliding and rappelling. Another attraction is the gastronomy, Nísia Floresta is famous for its shrimp dishes and other typical delicacies of the Region.More than ten of the lakes are in this region, among them, the famous Lagoa do Carcará. Búzios Beach,of the open sea and srong winds , is noted for the practice of nautical sports; Camurupim, surrounded by reefs, has calm waters and is well sought after by families since it offers the ideal bathing conditions for children; Pirangi do Sul, also known as Pirambúzios, holds the beauty of the meeting of the waters of the Pirangi River with the sea.

How to arrive there

Leave Natal by BR-101, in the direction of the South Shore The beaches of Búzios, Pirambúzios, Camurupim and Tabatinga are also accessable by the Rota do Sol.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • The Beaches of Búzios, Pirangi do Sul (Pirambúzios), Camurupim, Barreta, Barra de Tabatinga.
  • Pedra Oca (grotto of reefs of the Camurupim beach),
  • Windsurfing and Kitesurfing (Búzios beach),
  • Dolphin Lookout Point (Tabatinga Beach),
  • Rappelling, hang -gliding, trekking,
  • Baobá of Nísia Floresta, – Railway Station of Papary,
  • Lakes of Bonfim, Boágua, Carcará, Urubu, Lagoa dos Cavalos, Lagoa da Redonda, Lagoa da Boacica, Papary, Lagoa de Búzios, Lagoa do Arróz, Lagoa da Ilhota,
  • National Forest of Nísia Floresta (Flona),
  • Mausoleum of Nísia Floresta.

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