Barra do Cunhaú – Canguaretama

General Information

The municipality of Canguaretama is known for its most famous beach: Barra de Cunhaú, paradise like inlet of peaceful waters and a landscape framed by the waters of the river Curimataú. Canguaretama is crammed with beaches, dunes, lakes and marsh lands. Barra de Cunhaú is also known to be the Pole for shrimp raising, where the largest production of the State’s shrimp comes from.Aquatic sports like kitesurfing nd windsurfing attract hundreds of visitors every year, and besides having a good infrastructure of lodging and gastronomy, Canguaretama and Barra de Cunhaú still keep the peaceful air of a small city in the coutryside.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal – 76 km. Leave Natal by BR-101, in the direction of the south shore, then follow RN-269. Also it’s possible to get to Barra de Cunhaú by the seashore going along around 60km of shore in a buggy or a 4×4 vehicle, durng low tide.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Raft Crossing of the River Curimataú,
  • Practice of Kitesurfing e Windsurfing,
  • Pole of Shrimp Raising (one of the largest productions of shrimp in the State)
  • Natural pools

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