Areia branca

General information

Is located in the salt production area, 327 km from Natal, with 40 km of beaches with the most breathtaking seascapes of the Brazilian coast and its principle riches are salt, petroleum and fishing. The meeting point between the backlands and the sea ,it’s been the set of several movie productions. Areia Branca has enormous cliffs of red earth and ‘caatinga’ vegetation- like giant cactus- near the seashore. It also has the ‘Porto-Ilha’ (artificial island) – constructed on the high sea – and considered the world’s best maritime engineering construction – that drains the region’s salt production for many countries.

How to get there

Distance from Natal: 327 km
Leave Natal by BR-304 in direction of Mossoró, then take the cloverleaf for BR-110.

Special attractions and points of interest

  • Salinas,
  • Rio Mossoró,
  • Ponto do Mel Beach,
  • Dunas do Rosado,
  • Redonda Beach,
  • Porto Ilha.