Monte das Gameleiras

General Information

Monte das Gameleiras is located in the Agreste Region of Rio Grande do Norte, on the border with the State of Paraíba. The City promotes the practice of ecotourism, with various tourist atractions based on the privileged geography of the municipality like the Pedra Pintada, Pedra Navio, Pedra da Caridade, Milagre and a Pedra do Magalhães. The O Pituaçu Dam, a grotto and the Chapel of N. S. da Saúde are the other attractions.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal: 137 km. Leave Natal going South on BR-101 to Canguaretama, then continue on RN-269 going through Pedro Velho, Montanhas, Nova Cruz, Passa e Fica, Serra de São Bento until you get to Monte das Gameleiras.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Chapel Nossa Senhora da Saúde
  • Pedra da Pintada
  • Pedra Navio
  • Pedra da Caridade
  • Pedra do Milagre
  • Olho d´Água (spring)
  • Açude do Pituaçu
  • Tanque de Agripina
  • Pedra do Magalhães

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