General Information
In Caicó, rivers, rocks, grottos,and sierras,like the Sierra São Bernardo, a Sierra da Formiga, a Sierra da Caridade and the Pedra da Baleia,are perfect scenery for rappelling , climbing, offroad motor rally, mountain bike,camping,trails and trekking.

In the cultura ‘caicoense’ there is ,the Sisterhood of the Negros of Rosário, created in 1771, and until today commemorates its rituals with its own special choreography, using lances and tribal dances to the sound of secular drums. Caicó is one of the principle destinations for religious tourism, hosting in July the traditional feast of Sant´ana, patron saint of the city. The festival is a mixture of the profane with religous attracting people from all the regions of the State, aside from bringing compatriots from all parts of the coutry, reuniting in a huge get together.Another event that has projected the city is Carnival ,that with it animates the carnival players attracted by the happy contagious climate . Caicó holds also the title of “the land of embroidery”, standing out internationally for the quality of its embroidery. Besides this, the culinary is another registered mark : after touring around and being stunned with so much beauty , don’t forget to try the extraordinary ‘carne –do-sol’ and the cheeses of butter and ‘coalho’ ( a fermented processed cheese),besides the delicious sweets and homemade cookies.

The municipality has several dams ,the Itans being the most important , with a capacity of 81 million 750 thousand cubic meters of water.There are important natural riches strewn all over its territory. The Sierra da Formiga, rich in iron mineral , is a significant tourist attraction.Other points of interest , like the Sierras do Pai Pedro and the Lagoa Seca, are also part of the itinerary, as likewise the natural rock formations that play with the visitor’s imagination , like the rocks of the Saint, the Plane and the Shoemaker. In the Poço do Arthur, one can find painted inscriptions dated from more than ten thousand years ago.

How to arrive there Distance from Natal: 256 km.

Leave Natal by BR-304 to Macaíba, take the cloverleaf for BR-226 to Currais Novos, from there take BR-427 that goes to Acari. Finally, from Acari, take RN-288 to Caicó.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest
– Sierras

– Caverns and grottos

– Arqueological Site

– Ecological Reserve

– Historical Monuments

– Engady Castle

– Sant´anna Feast

– Sisterhood of the Negros do Rosário

– Sierra da Formiga

– Itans Dam

– Culinary and handicrafts (cloth embroidary, clay and sacred art) and its famous ‘carne-de-sol’.
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