Serra do Mel

General Information

The great production of honey gives the city, which is located in the West Potiguar, its name. The municipality stands out for the precocious and native plantation of cashew, for apiculture and by the benefits of the cashew nut, the fruit is the symbol of the city and the traditional Cashew festival is one of the principle events of the municipality. One of the interesting characteristics of the place is the project for the colonist’s settlement, inspired in the Israeli Moshov model: 22 rural villages around a central village holding villages that today live from cashew growing, in a cooperative regime.

How to get there

Distance from Natal: 251 km. Leave Natal by BR-416, take RN-118, turning left in direction of Carnaubais, then take RN-404, followed by RN-016, turning quickly at the bend to your left and then a right. .

Special attractions and points of interest

  • Cashew plantations (precocious and e native),
  • Apiculture,
  • Benefits from the cashew nut and sweets in the rural villages,
  • Festival of the cashew.