São Miguel do Gostoso

General Information

A curious sign at the entrance to the city reading,”here it’s tasty” receives the visitors in this picturesque beach town, located in the North of the State. São Miguel do Gostoso became famous at the end of the 90’s and today is one of the principle destinations of the lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing that visit the State. Gostoso is exactly on the “corner of the continent”, where they say “the wind takes a curve” and for this reason the beaches, with very few waves and strong winds practically all year round, make this a paradise for the lovers of nautical sports. Its beaches: Ponta do Santo Cristo Cove, Xepa e Maceió beach, are practically uninhabited the whole year, making São Miguel do Gostoso also the ideal destination for whoever is looking for tranquility and contact with nature. The lovely ensemble of cliffs, known as Tourinhos, also enchants visitors. São Miguel besides all this has a rich tradition in popular culture: bumba-meu-boi, pastoril and the handicrafts stand out in the city. The culinary is another attraction: besides seafood, in Gostoso you can eat the famous Octopus Risotto, that justifies the city’s name and is one of the most asked for dishes in the Region.

How to arrive there

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Santo Cristo Point,
  • cliffs of Tourinhos,
  • Xepa Beach,
  • Marcos Beach
  • Tábua Lake, Pedra da Baleia
  • Practice of windsurfing, kitesurfing,

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