How to get there

    • Access to Natal

    como_chegar_aviaoAluízio Alves International Airport is 25 kilometers from the center of Natal and is located in São Gonçalo do Amarante. The airport offers the services of car rental, taxi, currency exchange, travel agencies, food center, artesan shops and a post office.

    • Access to Mossoró

    The Dix-Sept-Rosado Airport attends the needs of the Western region of RN and is located in Mossoró, the second largest city of the state. The airport operates regional and national flights and is able to accomodate small and medium sized planes with an average of 300 people a month. 

    como_chegar_onibusThe principle highways that give access to RN are: BR 304 (border Ceará) that allows access to Northern Brazil, and BR 101 (border with João Pessoa , that gives access to South and Southeast Brazil) The access to the municipials in the state`s countryside , as well as the majority of the destinations to the coast is done by the state highways that interlink the 167 `potiguar` municipalities. Public ground transport is done principally by bus; only a few destinations in Natal’s metropolitan region operated by passenger train. From the capital to countryside, you have buses leaving Natal`s “Terminal Rodoviário”, located in the Eastern zone of the city.

    como_chegar_navioRN has two commercial maritime ports, located respectively in Natal and Areia Branca, besides a yacht Club located also in the capitol of the state.

    • Iate Clube do Natal

    Natal`s Yacht club is known internationally as an excellent point of support for vessels of the Ocean class, that dock here coming from other countries and also other Brazilian states, since the time it was founded in 1955. The club gathers sporting people from several categories: snipes, launches, rowing sections, monoaquatics and fishing. The main headquarters is located in Natal , on the banks of the Potengi river, but the club also has a branch located at the Bomfim Lake.

    • Port of Natal

    The only one with railway access, the port of Natal is located on the margins of the Potengi River,3 km from its mouth , permits access for small and médium sized ships and makes connections with the ports of the nations of five continents. Actually, the port has a direct line to Europe with stops in the Port of Vigo (Spain), Sheerness (England) and Rotterdam (Holland). The major distinction in Natal`s Port movement is the tropicl fruit exportation, but, besides this is the exportation regularly of sugar and also attends the importation of flour.

    • Salt Terminal of Areia Branca

    Rio Grande do Norte is the major producer of salt in the country and with this the Salt Terminal of Areia Branca stands out as being responsible for half of the state’s production. The Terminal is located in the open sea, therefore being an island port, near the municipality of Areia Branca, on the Northern coast of RN, around 14km from the coast.

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    • Aeroporto Internacional Aluísio Alves Telefone: (84) 3343.6060
    • Information Counter + 55 (84) 3644-1170/1110
    • Lost and Found + 55 (84) 3644-1011
    • Parking + 55 (84) 3211-6177
    • Federal Revenue + 55 (84) 3644-1246
    • Federal Police + 55 (84) 3644-1270
    • Minor`s Justice Court + 55 (84) 3644-1117
    • Anvisa (National Agency for Sanitary Alert) + 55 (84) 3644-1218
    • Aeroporto Dix Sept Rosado – Mossoró Telefone: + 55 (84) 3316-6396
    • Bus Terminal (Terminal Rodoviário) of Natal Av. Capitão Mor Gouveia, 1237 – Cidade da Esperança Informações: +55 (84) 3232.7310, 32327311
    • Setrans RN (Bus Transport Companies Union of RN)
    • Iate Clube do Natal R. Cel. Flaminho s/n, Santos Reis, Natal Fone: +55 (84) 3202.4402
    • Companhia Docas do Rio Grande do Norte
    • Port of Natal Telefone: + 55 (84)4005-5313
    • Salt Terminal (Terminal Salineiro) of Areia Branca Telefone: + 55 (84) 3332.2168