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Rio Grande do Norte is one of the Brazilian Northeastern States that has most grown. The economical potential comes from the natural wealth, irrigated fruit growing, shrimp raising and fishing, eolic energy, mineral energy, but also the strong tourist appeal and the real estate market that attracts investors from all over the world. Rio Grande do Norte’s coast, besides beautiful is generous. The State is one of the principle Brazilian Poles for shrimp raising. Ocean fishing and shrimp raising carry great weight in the country’s exportations and is a market guaranteed with consolidated business. The State also has the 4th largest national petroleum reserve, the 6th largest in natural gas and besides this the major producer of salt in the country. Tourism is the natural vocation of Rio Grande do Norte and is the activity that is most divulged of the State in the country and abroad. If on one hand the natural beauties enchant and attract visitors, on the other hand, the strong Government investments in disclosure and infrastructure of the principle Poles consolidated Rio Grande do Norte as a national and international destination and a very good deal for investors and contractors. Allied to all this, Rio Grande do Norte has one of the largest regional hotel networks with 42,000 beds, being 25,000 in Natal, one of the principle centers of work force qualification in Brazil – Barrreira Roxa Hotel and a Convention Center – that offers comfort and technology for the most varied types and sizes of events,with a capacity to receive with total comfort 4,800 people.

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