Cultural Tourism

Rio Grande do Norte has hundreds of cultural types of tourist attractions. The history, traditions, feasts, religiousness, gastronomy and art are everywhere. The Potiguar culture speaks highly in the tourist’s heart. Dances and folkloric rites are part of the daily life of the cities in all parts of the State and are taught to the new generations. The gaiety and the religiousness walk hand in hand, originating a calendar abundant in feasts, processions, shows and events. Besides all of this, a striking craftsmanship, that expands to the rest of Brazil and the world of faith, the talent and imagination of the Potiguares. There is embroidery, ceramics, pieces in cipó, wood, straw or sisal colored sand, lace and fibers, works in such varied techniques as well as remarkable. Wherever you go the art and culture produce lasting memories. Get to know, in each place, a little of the culture of the Potiguar people.

Cultural Destinations