Sun and Beach Tourism

Rio Grande do Norte possesses 400 km of beaches, clear, warm waters and constant sun. Some of them are internationally known, like Ponta Negra- with its Morro do Careca, Pipa- with its night life, cliffs and dolphins and Genipabú – with its buggy rides exploring the dunes. It also has dunes, coconut trees, cliffs and natural lakes offering a huge diversity of leisure activities. In addition Rio Grande do Norte counts on its beaches, with the richness of the marshes, preserved zones of the Atlantic Woods and Diving – within the policy of environmental protection practiced by the State government, that preserves and strengthens the pledge of responsible and sustainable development. For all this has to offer the natural enchantment of the beaches with paradise-like scenery, the Sun and Sea tourism still is the most sought after by the tourists that visit the State and want to throw themselves into the pleasure of not doing anything – just appreciating nature.

Sun and Beach Destinations