General Information

Ceará-Mirim, with a population of around 70 thousand inhabitants, is one of the eight cities that make up the Metropolitan Region of Natal.The calm beaches of Muriú and Jacumã are part of the municipality, and are known as the summer destinations of the ‘natalenses’ in January and February..
Known as the “land of green sugar plantations”, Ceará-Mirim has a rich history of culture and tradition left by the innumerous sugar cane mills that take one back to the golden days of sugar cane in the XIX century.In the coastal region , the beaches offer good conditions to practice nautical sports , besides the lakes and dunes. The beach of Jacumã is noted for the Lagoa de Jacumã, one of the most famous lakes of the State that also offers a good infrastructure for recreation, with the practice of original sports like “aerobunda”. Muriú Beach is also renowned for lobster fishing and even still keeps the charm of a fisherman’s beach.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal – 38 km.
By RN 406

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Jacumã Beach,
  • Muriú Beach
  • Jacumã Lake
  • Aerobunda on Jacumã Lake ( crossing and free fall done between the two sides of the Lake from a steel cable)
  • Buggy trip
  • Sugar Cane Mills of Guaporé, Carnaubal, Verde Nasce, Diamante, Capela, Cruzeiro, São Francisco, São Leopoldo, and the ruins of the Oiteiro Sugar Cane Mill.

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