Gereral Information

Located in the Eastern Coastal Region of Rio Grande do Norte, the municipality of Arês was originally an indian village, colonized initially by the Dutch invaders that chose the island located in the Guaraíras Lake (Flamengo Island) to construct the fortifications.On this island the Portuguese and Dutch engaged in battles, that culminated with the taking of the Fotim on January 6,1648 by the Portuguese, led by Henriquue Dias, the governor of the Negros.Th city enchants with its historical patrimony , but also with its rich handicrafts, above all those in wood (inlaying), labyrinth lace, seashells and coconut. Among the historical atttractions is the architectural richness of the Arês Cemetary, built in 1882; the whipping post dated from 1760; and the Church of São João Batista, considered one of the oldest in Brazil, dated from the the XVII Century.

How to arrive there

Distance from Natal: 56,6 km Leave Natal by BR-101, in the direction of the South shore;then by RN 061 to the municipality of Arês.

Attractions and Special Points of Interest

  • Ilha do Flamengo, – Facade of the Cemetary of Arês ( preserved by the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Patrimony)
  • Craftsmanship in wood (inlaying).

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